Your favorite place! Step by step, this virtual showcase will be filled with posters, clothes, bags, altered playing cards, spiritual items and maybe even some canvas paintings. For now, the biggest work I have for sale..

Magic The Gathering Alters

Small cards, big art! Creating one-of-a-kind playable cards for the trading card game requires lots of focus and eye for detail, but is very enjoyable to do.

Prints and posters

Some things are just too good to exist only once! Combine that with my wish to serve those with a smaller budget too, and the idea of prints was born. I do both landscapes and quotes, so if you want something special as a print, let me know! I intend to take some great quotes… Continue reading Prints and posters

Magical Crafts

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fantasy geek that comes looking for a cosplay prop, a druid wanting a new runeset, a LARP’er that needs new personalized bags or a shaman dreaming the sound of a new drum.. This is where the magic happens! Available Items All the colorful magic crafts are made with love,… Continue reading Magical Crafts


I have made my first set of postcards! I picked otters because they are incredibly cute, and show a vast range of expressions. I ended up using both the sea otter and the river otter as inspirations, but we’ll call that artistic freedom. There are 6 different cards, printed on high quality biotop paper. This… Continue reading Postcards!