The Blue Pangolin showcases colorful arts and crafts, using different materials and techniques. A new startup to brighten up your day, your wardrobe and your home. But The Blue Pangolin is also a goal on itself, a wish to do something good for the world.

Pangolins are highly endangered species that deserve our love, care and protection, together with the environments and the world they – and we – live in. The Blue Pangolin uses refurbished and natural materials, second-hand products and puts donations to the WWF with every item you buy. If you want a custom order or have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Leguaan - Linda Brouwer, The Blue Pangolin, WWF

September: Expo time! From September 13th till October 22th, the Humanities Series will be showcased in the gallery in Ermelo! For more info, click here..  

May: Small website update, the gallery got some small descriptions and two new pages with art!

January: I gave away this painting in December! It’s my current ‘best work’, so it deserves a place on the homepage. If you want a quick overview of the news, read the latest newsletter below!

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