Thank you for visiting! The Blue Pangolin is all about illustration, graphic design and art. I love creating, and in september 2020, I took the jump to do so full time. I wish for this new startup to brighten up your day, your wardrobe and your home. But The Blue Pangolin is also a goal on itself, an act to do something good for the world.

Why The Blue Pangolin instead of using Linda Brouwer? Pangolins are highly endangered species that deserve our love, care and protection, together with the environments and the world they – and we – live in. The Blue Pangolin uses refurbished and natural materials, second-hand products and puts 5-20% of every incoming coin to the WWF.

If you are a represent of a company, want a custom order or have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

News!barkskin nymph

October ’20: I have updated my social media and am working on a big website update! Expect a portfolio, webshop and more by the end of the year!

September ’19:
Expo time! From September 13th till October 22th, the Humanities Series will be showcased in the gallery in Ermelo! For more info, click here.. 

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