About me

Hi! I’m Linda, the artist behind The Blue Pangolin! Thank you so much for visiting!

I have been drawing for a long time, and I have always had the dream to make art a substantial part of my life. Since 2015 I’ve lifted my hobby to the first small commissions, and now I create art and illustrations for various companies and individuals. The next step is The Blue Pangolin, a proper website to show my portfolio, combined with a gallery and a web shop. My ultimate goal is to fuse high art skills with catchy speaking images, in order to create top-of-the-shelf artwork.

The Blue Pangolin - Linda Brouwer
The artist in action!

Professional painter, designer and illustrator
During the past years, I’ve been commissioned with mostly paintings or as illustrator. I illustrate using traditional techniques, mostly ink and watercolor paint. My current illustration style can be described as colorful and expressive.
I also work with acrylics and oils on canvas, with leather paint, markers, various 3D materials for props and Photoshop for digital art.

Business and commissions
My sweet spot is the crossover between ecology, education and innovation. Do you have a project involving emotion and sustainability? Beautiful plants and their impact on the soil? Do you just want your customers to feel the same love for your products that you do? I’m your artist!
I also like to juggle private commissions into the mix, be it a painting, a character illustration, a birth card or a theater prop, the more magical the better!

To see what I’ve been recently up to, browse to my LinkedIn or Facebook page!

Currently, I am comfortable but not fully booked in my projects. Contact me for a free brainstorm session on your next challenge. I’m very broadly orientated and flexible, I have a can-do attitude and I would like to work with your ideas!