A bit about me

As a child, I was always crafting, reading and dreaming up worlds and projects. I was (and still am) a loyal supporter of WWF, cutting out the animals from their monthly youth magazine to make my own encyclopedia. I wanted to become an artist, then a writer, then I went to high school and stopped dreaming silly dreams for a while and caught up on the whole social structure of life.  

I kept art as a hobby and chose to study biology in my strive to save the world. I  started dancing and made great friends that were authentically themselves. After a six month exchange program to Auckland, New Zealand, my master internship and some tough introspection, I decided ‘scientist’ wouldn’t be my fulltime profession.

I want to work on today’s problems, connecting people, nature and innovation through hope and visualisation. After two years at a great green landscaping company, the corona crisis kickstarted my fulltime freelancer career and I went back to doing the very same things I loved as a child: drawing, writing and dreaming about a better world. The great thing about adulthood is having the tools to make them reality.


My sweet spot is the crossroad between ecology, education and innovation. Involvement happens when people see why you are so passionate about it. With the right visual and story, magic happens. Do you have a project involving people and innovation? A personal commission? A new, sustainable product? A non-profit organisation working on a better world? I’d love to work with you! The medium barely matters, if it excites me, I can (learn to) make it for you.

What's a pangolin?

The Blue Pangolin, it sounds like a mythical creature. But like a pink elephant, a pangolin is a real-life animal, and an endangered one at that. Pangolins are the worlds’ no.1 most illegal trafficked mammal, for two reasons: they curl up like a hedgehog when in danger, and people in Asia think their scales work as medicine. As a result, all eight pangolin species on this earth are (critically) endangered.

I care about nature, a lot. And just making pretty pictures just doesn’t cut it for me, actively making an impact has always been a major driver in my life. That’s why my company doesn’t carry my name, but that of one that needs the attention more. So every year, I donate 5-20% of all revenue to WWF Nederland, before paying bills, taxes and myself. Next to that, I pick my projects carefully to be in line with my own mission and core values.

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