I have made my first set of postcards! I picked otters because they are incredibly cute, and show a vast range of expressions. I ended up using both the sea otter and the river otter as inspirations, but we’ll call that artistic freedom.

There are 6 different cards, printed on high quality biotop paper. This paper doesn’t have any plastic foil over it, and is made from from leftover woods. I chose the heaviest biotop paper, 300 grams, to secure your cards are sturdy and stay awesome! 

Ready? Here they are! 


The cards are folded to A6 size, so you can write a whole story inside.
You can buy them as loose cards for €1,95 each, or as a set of all six cards for €10*. Of every card, 10 cents goes to the WWF in support of their work for animals!

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If you want to order your cards, fill in the form below!
If you want a more secure way of paying, I’ve launched an Etsy webshop! This takes a percentage of your payment for their own, as a trade-off for being a more safe way of buying on the internet. Let me know if you find this valuable, I might start my own webshop!

*Prices are excluding shipping cost. In the Netherlands, shipping for up to 3 postcards is €1,10. Shipping up to 11 cards is €2,10. For 12 cards or more, shipping is on me! 

If you want, you can also buy these cards from me in person and save shipping.
You can also buy them in Goes at Bie de Bolle, the finest liquor store in the Netherlands!
Or go to Utrecht, to gameshop The Joker, a specialist shop in hard-to-find games!

Do you know a shop that might like to sell my cards? Get in contact!