Magic The Gathering Alters

Small cards, big art! Creating one-of-a-kind playable cards for the trading card game requires lots of focus and eye for detail, but is very enjoyable to do.

Previous commissions

These altered cards show an example of commissioned alters I made. Let me know if you also want a unique card in your deck! Depending on the difficulty of your wish and the total amount of cards, the price will be between 20-25€ per card, of which 10% goes to the WWF.

Available cards

These MTG cards are one-of-a-kind, and can be sold only once! Of each card, 10% will go to the WWF.   If you want to place an order, please fill in the form below! Shipping cost of MTG Alters are 1,90 within the Netherlands (2 stamps and an envelope). If you order more at once,… Continue reading Available cards