The Humanity series

The Humanities series was being exhibitioned from September 13th till October 22th in Ermelo, The Netherlands.

In this series I combine watercolor/ink illustrations with poems, trying to capture aspects I see around me in human behavior and psyche. It touches various aspects, but I keep returning to mental health, because there’s so much emotion and misunderstanding in there. I aim for this series to bring some recognition and understanding, to feel heard and seen and maybe, a visual or poem to share to express what you are going through.

I created 7 pieces so far, yet haven’t found the right format to post them. If you want to see the others, go to my Facebook or see them in real life in Ermelo!
**Sensitive content warning** These poems and visuals could contain sensitive content that some people may find disturbing or cause a trigger (mental health related).  

So beautiful
Your golden soul
Hidden in the dark unfree
Wide awake
While you’re asleep
Lying with you, comfortably
So big a heart
So few that know
Protecting all by solely
Eating monsters one by one
Sleep well
My dear
Soon you will see
There’s flowers blossoming happily


I have energy for two
A smile for ten
And the biggest heart you’ve ever seen
But you judge me, because I’m fat

My self-esteem has more battle scars
Than the warrior I play in online wars
But you judge that, because I’m fat

Pain I endure, for doctors I dread
Because this professional
Will not listen
He will judge me, because I’m fat

When I grief because I lost my child
And reaching out is hard
I need you, but instead
you judge my food, because I’m fat

Have you ever
Noticed my beautiful eyes
Have you ever
Really listened to my voice
Have you ever
Touched my warm hands
Cause in the end
I am not my fat.

EPSON MFP image3
Learned to smile
Learned to cry
Drawing blueprints to navigate the chaos
Trying so hard to be
What others call

Locked up in your own safety
Surround sound fear and doubt
Keeping busy, frantically
Avoiding the question

You observed
While others played
Where others laughed
When others loved
And cried
Because your structures weren’t good enough

You have raged
Because you don’t understand
Now you hide
For you can’t possibly
What I see.
A beautiful being
Just like me
And your conscious, self-build personality
Made strong by effort, shines
Despite everything, openly.

She tries to make it worth living
He tries to stay alive

I am him
I am her
Though never in the same time

Dark knowledge hiding from the light
Grateful warmth not intruding the dark

Opposites attract, they say
Never seeing them apart

Battles won
Battles lost
In a never-ending war.