In this gallery, I like to show you the best works and diversity of crafts I’ve created over the years and give you an idea of what my skill set is! I chose to highlight some work created as a series, or with a common theme or medium. For the standalone and small things I make, click here..

Canvas Paintings

Paintings on canvas seem to be the number one thing associated with the term ‘artist’. Truth be told, it feels great to work at a canvas on an easel, surrounded by paint, brushes, cloth, paper and all sorts of other materials. I really like to paint, it seems a bit silly that I only produce one or two paintings each year. Luckily, those turn out to be my masterpieces!

WWF Auction

The Blue Pangolin supports WWF with every commission and sale. Also before this page and name, I’ve always backed and admired the hard work the WWF does. In 2016 my fellow friend and artist Maud joined me in creating an animal themed auction to raise money for this good cause.

The humanity series

In this series I combine watercolor/ink illustrations with poems, trying to capture aspects I see around me in human behavior and psyche. It touches various aspects, but I keep returning to mental health, because there’s so much emotion and misunderstanding in there. I aim for this series to bring some recognition and understanding, to feel heard and seen and maybe, a visual or poem to share to express what you are going through.